Standard Pillar Toggle Necklace


Inspired by the strong pillars that support your life‭, ‬each gemstone is intended to hold personal significance for you‭. ‬Whether‭ ‬you collect them‭, ‬mix and match‭, ‬or combine them‭, ‬these gemstones are a part of your own unique story‭.‬

Our pillars collection features a variety of styles‭, ‬each available in an expanding selection of signature cut gemstones‭.‬

Green Tourmaline | Lapis Lazuli | Amethyst | Rose Quartz | Citrine | Gold 'Gem'

20 x 4mm Gemstone
3.8mm Elongated Heavy Cable Chain with Toggle Clasp 
18K Solid Yellow, Rose or White Gold

This piece is crafted entirely by hand and is made to order. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for production. Our natural gemstones are ethically sourced and no stone is exactly alike. Each one is truly one-of-a-kind and may vary in hue/tone.

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