In the world of jewelry, there exists a beautiful intersection where art, emotion, and personal stories intertwine. MEILI (pronounced may-lee) is a New York-based jewelry brand that goes beyond adornment. We believe that jewelry should be a divine link to your cherished memories, your unique journey, and the profound love you hold close to your heart.

MEILI is founded by Anna Meili Adelman, whose love affair with jewelry began long before she ever dreamt of becoming a designer. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, she was exposed to her respective families' Chinese and Jewish heritage, with heirloom jewelry serving as emotional touchstones within her family. These early experiences made their way deep into Anna’s soul, driving her towards the path of creating her own namesake brand: MEILI.

At the heart of MEILI lies an unwavering belief in the symphony of shared experiences and the beauty of individuality. Anna's journey to becoming a jewelry designer was a tale of synchronicity, culminating when she stumbled upon a Jewelry/Metals class in high school. From that moment on, she knew that her purpose was to translate her creativity into tangible, timeless pieces of art.

Driven by her unyielding passion, Anna pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, specializing in Jewelry/Metals. There, she honed her craft, guided by the belief that each creation should be more than just aesthetically pleasing – it should narrate a personal story. Her dedication led her to the Gemological Institute of America, where she earned a certificate in Computer Aided Design, opening up a world of endless possibilities in jewelry creation. Anna's pursuit of excellence eventually paved the way to a successful career, designing exquisite collections for some of the nation's top jewelry retailers.

Today, Anna resides within the vibrant heartbeat of creativity, New York City, alongside her professional partner and fiancé, Christopher. Each MEILI piece is designed to serve as a modern form of self-expression - thoughtfully crafted to resonate with your own unique journey… a forever reminder of the moments that have shaped you.

Image of hand sketched Emblems, Meili fine jewelry charms in keys, arrows, rings, with varied gemstone and diamond shapes.