Step 1


Whether virtually or in person at our Columbus Circle office location, we begin with a heartfelt conversation, exploring your inspirations, dreams, and the emotions you wish to encapsulate in your custom piece. This dialogue serves as the foundation for our collaboration, ensuring that every aspect of your jewelry reflects your unique story.

Step 2


Drawing on years of experience as a sketch designer, I translate our discussions into hand-sketched designs. Each line and curve is carefully crafted to capture the essence of your vision, infusing the design with personal meaning and significance.

Step 4


Following the design phase, we embark on a journey to source or custom-cut natural or lab-grown gemstones that perfectly complement your vision. Whether it's a dazzling diamond or a vibrant colored gem, we ensure that every stone is ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

Step 4

CAD Model

Once the sketches and gemstones are finalized, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology to transform them into detailed CAD models. This step ensures precision and accuracy in every aspect of the design, laying the groundwork for flawless execution.

Step 5


inally, our skilled artisans in the heart of the New York City Diamond District bring the design to life with meticulous craftsmanship. From casting to finishing, each piece is lovingly crafted to perfection, ensuring that it resonates with the authenticity and beauty of your unique journey.